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Construction Services

Kamran Group’s. Offer a wide Range Construction Services to ensure an exceptionally high level finished result Where Clients Get Their Projects Completed with Risk Free Factor.Our Specialties include   Residential, Commercial, and Hospitality Design & Construction.


KAMRAN GROUP’S Construction Management process exceeds project and Owner objectives through structured and consistent systems and procedures as applied by a highly-talented Project Team especially selected for each project based on their relevant experience and capabilities.


Our philosophy for General Contracting is to proactively work closely with all members of the Project Team to identify specific project challenges and opportunities in order to develop thorough strategies to meet strict schedule and cost objectives.


Today’s complex construction projects demand an experienced Owner’s advocate to ensure your best interests are being met in all aspects of the project. Our Owner’s Representative Services ensure best-in-class performance and clear communication among Owners, contractors, vendors and architects. Throughout the project our team will help control expenditures and improve processes.


KAMRAN GROUP’S preconstruction services include design review, constructability analysis, and value engineering, as well as detailed, accurate and easy to understand estimates. By maintaining a variety of disciplines and expertise within our preconstruction staff, not depending on external sub-consultants, and utilizing state-of-the art estimating software, kamran Group’s ensures our clients the best quality and cost return for their construction budget(s).


KAMRAN GROUP’S believes that sustainable design makes sense and it is our responsibility to implement green practices. Sustainable designs can offer a significant operating cost-savings to owners while having a positive impact on the environment. The LEED® rating system is made up of five main credit designations: Sustainable Sites, Water Efficiency, Energy & Atmosphere, Materials & Resources, and Indoor Environmental Quality.


As a Program Manager, KAMRAN GROUP’S becomes part of your organization.We work closely with the Owner and Owner Representatives to gain a detailed understanding of your company’s vision, short and long term goals. Once the goals have been established, we implement a realistic management and execution plan for achieving these goals in an efficient and high-quality fashion.


KAMRAN GROUP’S has adopted Virtual Design as a process that enhances our Services as your Construction Manager. The Project Team will develop a strategy where Building Information Modeling (BIM) or Virtual Design & Construction (VDC) can be implemented in order to mitigate risk to the project’s budget or schedule. This allows for better review of design documents, more accurate project schedules, and to become More proactive with issues that may occur within the field.