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Marine Plywood

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Kamran Groups Present Kamran Marine Plywood Grade 710 Gurjan 100% Boiling Water Proof (BWP).

Innovative products from Kamran Groups

Our organization prides itself in strict observance of sustainable and ethical trading in any business activities we conduct. Our extensive manufacturing capabilities ensure that our products are manufactured from credible timber sources and produced using cutting-edge equipment.


As one of the market leaders in this plywoods industry, we provide our clients with top-quality service and always strive to achieve value for money for our customers. From our staff to our products, expect that you will get the best service & Products you deserve.

Price List of the Year 2020

Code Product MRP Dealer Price
KMP1220 Thickness 18MM  Size 8X4 (32Sft) 2496 2176
KMP1221 Thickness 12MM  Size 8X4 (32Sft) 2080 1856
KMP1222 Thickness 09 MM  Size 8X4 (32Sft) 1920 1536
KMP1223 Thickness 06MM  Size 8X4 (32Sft) 1536 1216
KMDF1220 Thickness 18MM  Size 8X4 (32Sft) 1536 1480
KMDF1221 Thickness 12MM  Size 8X4 (32Sft) 1430 1200
KMDF1222 Thickness 09MM  Size 8X4 (32Sft) 1150 900
KMDF1223 Thickness 06MM  Size 8X4 (32Sft) 700 540
KMDF1224 Thickness 04MM  Size 8X4 (32Sft) 650 460
KMDF1225 BWP Thickness 18MM  Size 8X4 (32Sft) 2380 1830
KMDF1226 BWP Thickness 12MM  Size 8X4 (32Sft) 2145 1650
KMDF1226 BWP Thickness 09MM  Size 8X4 (32Sft) 1690 1300
KMDF1227 BWP Thickness 06MM  Size 8X4 (32Sft) 1300 1000
KMDF1228 BWP Thickness 04MM  Size 8X4 (32Sft) 845 650
KHF08 Thickness 0.8 MM  Size 8X4 (32Sft) 400 355. 00